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A Story of Changes of A Vulnerable Child

Life is not a bed of roses. Life is never as sweet as spreading rose petals. There are struggles in life and various obstacles. Belal a boy with a dream was born in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar. He is a son of Rashid Ahmed of Kawer Khop Union in Ramu Upazila of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. His Father is a day labourer and his mother is a housewife. Belal is the youngest among five brothers and sisters. They live in helpless and neglected families. The family is constantly struggling to feed seven people. Where it is difficult to manage the family despite working day and night, there is no desire to know about the son’s studies. Didn’t get enough food for two meals. Even after that, he did not quit his studies. Breakfast was panta rice. He used to eat it and go to school. Even tiffin time passed by drinking tubewell water. After returning home in the afternoon, cold rice is added as lunch. Belel’s father has no land of his own. Coaching is a far cry. He didn’t even have a good dress.

At one point; Belel’s studies are about to stop. He passed the PSC examination in 2011 from Moishkum Osman Salwar Primary School (one of our project schools). After that in 2014 and 2017, he participated in JSC and SSC examination and continued to sign merit. In 2011 thDakbhnga Education project added him under secondary Education support according to his merit and sincerity. Seeing his will force, the school teachers made parents understand the importance of education and with the help of teachers arranged for admission in college. But entering college, he was forced to look for small jobs. Belel joined the Bangladesh Army based on educational and physical qualifications.

Since its foundation, Dakbhanga Bangladesh has been making unique contributions to the field of education and social development. In their various educational activities, the parents of the area have realized the importance of education. As part of their various activities especially in the field of education, he received free education materials, examination fees, free coaching, school dress etc. 

 Now many changes can be noticed among Belel. From a young age, Belel had a great interest in studies. He dreamed of becoming a government official and putting a smile on the face of his parents, using his talents for the welfare of the country. He thinks that everyone will be busy fulfilling their dreams. Belel said,” Dakbhanga Bangladesh” education project is appearing among us every day with the message of a new day. Our indomitable talented students are the bearers of that new day. “Dakbhanga Bangladesh” Cox’s Bazar is moving ahead with this slogan in search of talented and helpless people.