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A Story Of Change-Momtajur Rahman

 Mmtajur Rahman is now a young man 28 and is the son of Mr Nurul Hoda and Seno Ara Begum. He is a civil engineer. He has a daughter and life partner. His life partner is a government employee. He is the eldest son of his family. He has eight brothers. He is serving a private firm. He permanently lives in NaikhongChari in Bandarban district of Bangladesh. His parents also live in Dakbhanga but very short distances from his residence. He lives in a hilly district. Sefferetly his parents for his easy communication. His family is happy.

His family live under the poverty line because his father was the only earning person in his family. He was the eldest son of his family. His father was a boatman and he has no own land. They stayed in non-govt. Land. The family was hand-to-mouth. When his age was 7 years then his mother died, and his father married again. His father could not survive with ten members. So they are not concerned about their basic needs. He was a cowboy because then there is no school in his village or nearby villages.

Dakbhanga Bangladesh came to the community and established Dakbhanga Primary School. They declared free primary education including free educational materials for the children of the community. DBD arranged the annual sports, cultural and prize-giving program each year, and arranged various awareness programs in each academic year. Dakbhanga Bangladesh supports higher education and vocational skills to build their future through residential study in a different institution.

Mamtaj changed his life day by day. He agreed to study higher education and wanted to be an engineer. He at least successfully reached his dream. He got a beautiful life with the help of Dakbhanga Bangladesh. His all brothers obtained the S.S.C level education. They are four brothers who got employed with support from the Dakbhanga Education project. The family meet-up difficult problems and developed the awareness and necessity of education.


Mamtaj expressed like-“I am Momtajur Rahman. I am a civil engineer. I honoured a successful life for Dakbhanga Bangladesh(DBD). I am very grateful to them as they support me from the pre-primary to my engineering degree. I feel lucky enough that BDD motivated me to reach my goal with all the necessary support including the motivation of my parents to continue my study. If they did not help me I have no scope to be an engineer or to reach the present position. My fathers did not manage our family with their basic needs in his limited capacity. At present, I am proud of my successful life and my family is happy. I hope the support continues for the children of the underprivileged community and I pray to Allah for their prosperity, and I am always with them to go forward.