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Annual Cultural Program and Prize Giving Ceremony 2023

The annual sports, literary and cultural competition and prize distribution ceremony were completed with the joint participation of the Meishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School and the Dakbhanga Primary School organized by the Dakbhanga Bangladesh education project in the remote Dakbhanga and Myshkum villages of Ramu Upazila. On Saturday (February 11), 23 the annual sports, literary and cultural competition and prize distribution ceremony at the ground of Myshkum Osman Sarwar Primary School was the chief guest–Country Representative of Dakbhanga Bangladesh Md. Masum Billah Khan. The program was inaugurated by the project coordinator of Dakbhanga BangladeshJewel Talukdar under the chairmanship of Maishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School Management Committee Vice President, former UP member Abdu Sukkur, and special guests spoke on the occasion. Administrative officers Golam Rabbani Khan, Ashrafun Nahar, President of Dakbhanga Primary School Management Committee Master Abul Qasem, Women UP Member Nurunnahar, Kashpiya, UP Member Abul Fazal, Assistant Teacher Mohammad Abdullah of Kawarkhop Hakeem Rakima High School, Taj Uddin of Kawarkhop Government Primary School Teacher were present in the occasion. Mr Abul Kalam, Headmaster of Meishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School, conducted the program.

Literary and cultural programs were conducted by assistant teachers Jurmi Bara, Salma Akhtar, Sirajul Islam, Rabeya Begum, Shiuli Rani Dey, and Marzia Begum. Speakers on the occasion said that besides education, children should be developed as a healthy nation. Regular sports, literary and cultural practices should be continued in every school for the mental development of students. The non-governmental organization ‘Dakbhanga Bangladesh’ has enlightened these dark, neglected and remote areas by establishing Moishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School and Dakbhanga Primary School in Kawarkhop and Kachhpia Union of Ramu. In these two schools, apart from sports, sports, literature and culture are observed with great importance which will help to make the future of students in the area. Dakbhanga Bangladesh project coordinator said, in the competition, students of Moishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School and Dakbhanga Private Primary School, school parents, staff, parent members of the management committee and secondary level students participated spontaneously in 110 sports, literary and cultural competitions. Leaders of the school management committee, local dignitaries, parents and students were present on the occasion. He also thanked and said his gratitude for the effort and continuous support to Dakbhanga Bangladesh.