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Skills Development Program

Skills development is a crucial factor for the economic and social progress of any country, especially for a developing one like Bangladesh. Skills 21, B-SEP, BYETS and SEIP are the reference of skills project in Bangladesh. These projects are examples of how skills development can benefit the youth in Bangladesh by providing them with better education, training and employment prospects. Skills development is not only a need but also an opportunity for the youth in Bangladesh to realize their potential and contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

For these reasons, DBD started its initiative with a skills program in 2021.

Our Approach

We offered a skills program to our senior students in the students forum and checked their interest first then the availability of skills needed in the area and finally checked the availability of trainers. We started the skills training who are not in the study now. We are in the process to develop infrastructure for the skills program. We started the program firstly in our one school catchment area and then we have a plan to expand more. A batch for the second school catchment area is under process.

We are committed to paving the way to develop a potential community with no jobless youth will be there and we are on the way to achieving it.

Our Impact

Our Achievements up to June 2023

 36 + young boys and girls enrolled under the initiative.

  • 6 of them contribute using the skills to their family income generation.
  • 2 teachers trained in different skills to support the skills program.;
  • 1 computer lab established with 4 computers for training;
  • 22 awarded certificates in computer application and tailoring;








Way Forward

With a focus on our mission and future goals, we are determined to expand our scope and adapt our models to meet the needs of the youth of project areas. We recognize our limitations but are committed to exploring our potential, driven by hope and passion with our limited capacity.

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