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ECD Program

The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh pursued several early childhood development (ECD) initiatives in 2016. Non-government efforts complemented government initiatives and helped achieve significant progress in this sector. Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) provided technical support to the UNICEF-assisted ELCD Project of Bangladesh Shishu Academy to develop the strategic operational and implementation plan.

ECCD is an opportunity to reduce developmental problems, thereby bringing lasting benefits to individuals and society, early years are crucial in the formation of intelligence, personality and social behaviour. Children are born with physical, social and psychological capacities which allow them to communicate, learn and develop. Proper care at an early age can do much to create an enabling environment that ensures protection and support for more broad-based issues such as children’s health, nutrition, psycho-social and cognitive development.

For these reasons, Dakbhanga Bangladesh started its journey with an ECCD program since its inception in 1998 by starting a primary school at Dakbhanga village of Garjonya Union, Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh with an enrollment of 35 children.

Our approach

We started our ECCD program with our two primary schools called Pre-I and  Pre-II in 2001. In 2018 we expanded our ECCD program by establishing  2 feeder schools in two primary school catchment areas in two unions to feed the primary schools as well.

Considering SDG goal 4 we tried our best to support the needy community in developing their children’s child rights issues through collaborative efforts with government agencies, civil society, and partners to ensure sustainable funding, policies, and assessment systems with a special focus on the physical, emotional, social as well as cognitive development of the children.

Our Impact

Our Achievements up to June 2023

We established two ECCD centres and 2 Pre Primary classrooms with most of the facilities needed and those running well

  • Enrolled 3000+ children for getting ECCD support through the Dakbhanga Bangladesh education project
  • 2 teachers and 2 Head Teachers trained on ECCD and other concerned issues
  • 2 Feder schools were constructed to feed the primary schools
  • 2 lakh government fund support received for the development fund of local government authorities through Upozilla Chairman
  • Developed and maintained relationships with the local govt, government especially the sector of education by relationship we are receiving all books and training support regularly from the government authorities.

Way Forward

With a focus on our mission and future goals, we are determined to expand our scope and adapt our models to meet the needs of project areas. We recognize our limitations but are committed to exploring our potential, driven by hope and passion with the support of influential people from the community.

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