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Child Protection Program

Child protection is the safeguarding of children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. It involves identifying signs of potential harm, responding to allegations or suspicions of abuse, providing support and services to protect children, and holding those who have harmed them accountable. The primary goal of child protection is to ensure that all children are safe and free from harm. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse; neglect; exploitation; and violence. Child protection also works to prevent future harm by creating policies and systems that identify and respond to risks before they lead to harm.

We are committed to ensuring the issues as we are working for the child-centred community development approach. 

To ensure child-friendly protected community development, Dakbhanga Bangladesh started its initiatives in 2018 to align with their education program at Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. 

Our approach

We prioritize child protection issues as a child-friendly organization as most of our target groups are children. We are committed to addressing all child protection issues under our child-centred community development approach. We prepared our staff, community and students through orientation, training and different sharing sessions about the issue. We have child club activities led by a teacher in each school, a Married Girls forum with our senior project students comprising one teacher in each school, a student forum in each with senior students to develop community ownership and a little doctors team in each school comprising 10 students and 2 teachers in each school with special training for them. The little doctors team facilitates regular health awareness sessions in the community and the classrooms regularly. We have a volunteer team of senior students to support the community on behalf of Dakbhanga Bangladesh.

We are committed to paving the way to ensure the protection of all children in our school and our school community with our creative approaches.

Our Impact

Our Achievements up to June 2023

Trained our 14 teachers and 3 officials on child protection and safeguarding issues

  • Orriened 2,000+ children on child protection issues through different sessions
  • Trained teachers on child rights and how to maintain them in the schools and out of schools
  • Established 4 child-friendly classrooms in the program area (centres and classrooms)
  • Selected 20 volunteers from the former students of our project and orient them on the concerned issue. Organized 07 meetings with 200 participants.
  • Organized married girls’ forum covered our two school communities to highlight their issues and to address the issues. They organized 22 sessions with 375 participants.
  • Our little doctor’s team consist of 4 teachers and 20 students and delivered 90 sessions. The total number of participants was 2337 from January 2022 to till date (June 23).
  • We have 4 clubs in each school (Dance, Singing, Recitation and Debating). Through the Child Club activities119 sessions were delivered with a total of 1306 participants.

Way Forward

With a focus on our mission and future goals, the sustainable development goals of the concerned issues we are determined to expand our scope and adapt our models to meet the needs of project areas. We know our limitations of capacity but are committed to influencing our potential, driven by hope and enthusiasm. We are always concerned about the theme that No one is left behind.

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