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Education Support Program

Education empowers individuals with knowledge and critical thinking skills, fostering intellectual growth, curiosity, and lifelong learning. It promotes social cohesion, and tolerance, and drives societal advancement. Investing in education is an investment in a brighter, inclusive, and sustainable future.

For these reasons, Dakbhanga Bangladesh started its journey with an education program since its inception in 1998 by starting a primary school at Dakbhanga village Garjonya Union, Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh with 35 children.

Our Approach

We are committed to ensuring the continuation of talented and economically insolvent students after their primary education up to 18 years of their age. We have to support 25 of our project students to run their higher education each year with their tuition fees, examination fees, education materials, and cash support as per their need to continue their higher education. At the start of the project activities, we provided their residential facilities to achieve better study at Ramu, Cox’s Bazar or Khutakhali with different institutions. Now it is not possible to provide residential support due to a limited budget and price hike of food and educational materials.

We are committed to paving the way for a robust education system that empowers its citizens and drives socio-economic progress.

Our Impact

Our Achievements up to June 2023

  • 114 of our project students got residential facilities with all educational materials and tuition fees who have completed their primary education
  • 88 of our project students is in the job in different sectors including government jobs from this category
  • 350 students in our schools completed secondary level and 221 of them completed their higher education
  • 4 students from our project are now working in our project school as teachers
  • Yearly 25 poor and meritorious students are getting educational support from our project for their higher studies every year.



Way Forward

With a focus on our mission and future goals, we are determined to expand our scope and adapt our models to meet the needs of project areas. We recognize our limitations but are committed to exploring our potential, driven by hope and passion with the support of influential people in the community and also the support from potential donors from home and abroad.

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