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Educational Material Distribution by Dakbhanga Bangladesh

Educational Material Distribution among the Students of Dakbhanga Bangladesh

Educational materials have been distributed to more than 400 students of Dakbhanga Private Primary School and Moishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School established by the voluntary organization Dakbhanga Bangladesh in Kawarkhop and Durgum townships of Ramu Upazila. On March 22 and 23, Meishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School of Ramur Kawarkhop Union and Dakbhanga Private Primary School of Kachpia Union spoke on the occasion in separate programs organized on the occasion – Dakbhanga Bangladesh Project Coordinator Md. Jewel Talukder, Dakbhanga Bangladesh Administrative Officer Golam Rabbani Khan, Myshkum. Osman Sarwar Primary School Management Committee Vice President Abdu Sukkur, Member Sultan Ahmad, Head Teacher Abul Kalam, Dakbhanga Private Primary School Management Committee Members Selina Akhtar and Farrukh Ahmed, Head Teacher Arefa Begum. Assistant teachers of Dakbhanga Private Primary School and Maishkum Osman Sarwar Primary School, Jurmi Bara, Salma Akhtar, Sirajul Islam, Abdul Hamid, Arefa Akhtar, Rabeya Begum, Shiuli Rani Dey, Marzia Begum, Saleha Akhtar, Umme Salma, Taiba Akhtar and others from the area and the dignitaries were present in the occassion.

Project Coordinator of Dakbhanga Bangladesh Md. Jewel Talukder said – In the event, more than 400 students of these two schools managed by Dakbhanga Bangladesh distributed notebooks, pens, staplers, pencils, coloured pencils and other materials. He further informed that two Berskari primary schools were established by an international voluntary organization called Dakbhanga Bangladesh in the remote area of Meishkum in the Kawarkhop Union of Ramur and Dakbhanga in the remote area of Kachhpia Union.As a result, the poor children in those two villages are getting a chance to get quality education.

In addition to teaching in the school, regular sports-education-cultural practices are organized for the mental development of children. Children of two schools have smiles on their faces after receiving educational materials. Also, the distribution of food items to the families of orphans, and poor-disabled students of the school is continuing under the Food Aid Project.