Dakbhanga Bangladesh

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Dakbhanga Bangladesh (DBD) is a Belgium-based Based Charity that works in Cox’s Bazar District for destitute Children and their families. They are mainly supporting education, child protection, development of livelihood and humanitarian issues in Bangladesh. They are working on ECCD, Pre-primary, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education support, Child protection, Humanitarian and Skills programs successfully.

I appreciate their program activities very much for their sincerity, and good relationship with local administration, educational authorities and the community. I like to thank all the helping hands from Belgium, the Bangladesh office and the supportive community where they work.

I request Dakbhanga and all concerned stakeholders to continue their support for the good works in the Bangladeshi community.

Md Sohel Sarwar Kajol

Upozilla Chairman

Ramu Upozilla, Cox’s Bazar

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